The Love Dance EP

Album by Nola Adé

  1. Bitter Sweet
  2. Mr. Postman
  3. Cool
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02 Sep

Date: SEP 2 2016

Building Nola's World

Nola Adé and BRICKS Creative Group were onset creating the new color world for her. Experience a little...

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20 jan

Date: JAN 20 2016

Afropolitain Magazine

Nola is excited to be featured...

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About Nola Adé


"One of the most important things I have learned on this music journey is that staying true to you and being passionate about your art is what defines a real artist."

Nola Adé

Nola Adé's music and message to her eager fans is really all about: honoring the traditions of the past, being unafraid of the present, and unapologetically being oneself for A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

The first generation of her Nigerian American family to be born in the states, the Chicago, Illinois native is the embodiment of an immigrant spirit of hope and optimism, eagerly embracing the fresh opportunities presented by each brand new day.

Surrounded from birth with music, from family who sung throughout the day and in church to the Chicago streets that birthed the likes of Chaka Khan, Curtis Mayfield, The Chi-Lites, Donny Hathaway, Dave Hollister, Jennifer Hudson and Kanye West. Accordingly, a diversity of musical flavors seeped into the musical consciousness of a young Adé, the Nigerian gospel and Afrobeat of her parents’ homeland, the smooth soul of classic Chicago radio, the jazz of Ella and Sarah on regular rotation on Adé’s childhood stereo, and the voice refinement of the St. Ailbe choir where this catholic schoolgirl received her early guidance in clarity and precision, vocal hallmarks that resonate still.

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The Love EP

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  • 23 May '16

    Nola Singing Live Witness Nola's voice and her color world in person.

    venue Sofar Sounds

    tickets TBD

  • 24 May '16

    Nola Ade Live! The Promontory 5311 S. Lake Park Ave Doors open at 8pm show begins at 9pm 

    venue Promontory

    tickets $10

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